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Any person interested in the realisation of the aims of the Society as set out in its Constitution, may apply for membership. Should you wish to join the Society, please complete the membership form below and send it to SASLH@unisa.ac.za. Please take note of the following information regarding the two options for membership and the payment of fees:

1. Prior to 2020, membership of the Society afforded members an automatic subscription to the Society’s journal, Fundamina. As of 2020, the journal is published by Juta Inc, who now determines (in consultation with Council) and collects the subscription fee, which includes the membership fee. This means that members now only have to make one payment annually.

The combined subscription and membership fees are currently R700.00; €75.00; or $90.00.

New members who wish to subscribe to the journal should complete the Society’s membership form, create an account with Juta, and make payment to Juta. For more information on subscribing to the journal, please contact Juta directly at:

+27 (0)21 659 2300

2. Current and prospective members of the Society may also pay reduced fees directly to the Society.
These annual membership fees are presently R150.00, and does not include subscription to the Society’s journal.
The Membership form can be found here
New members should please send proof of payment of the fees to: